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Uniquely Creative


A quirky gift, perfect for the artist or designer who already has everything. Includes an exclusive print by the upcoming British Artist Elizabeth Waggett, created using the Orée Stylograph. Only 50 prints available.

Creatives have a knack for handwriting but need digital tools to complete their work. The Orée Stylograph bridges the gap between the nostalgic pleasure of putting pen to paper and the convenience of digital. Bring your giftee into modern times without disturbing their favourite routines.

What's inside?

  • Gift Box
  • Oree Stylograph
  • Free set of refill paper (190 pages)
  • Exclusive Artwork

  • Uniquely Creative

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to sync the Stylograph to the app for it to work?
You can write on the notebook at any time without syncing to the application. At the time when you sync your Stylograph to the application, all your written notes that have been stored in the memory will be transferred to the application.
How is it powered? Should I recharge the battery?
You can recharge with the micro USB cable provided on any laptop or power adapter. The Li-Polymer battery allows for up to 3 days of use.
Does the Stylograph pen work on any paper?
No, in order to capture your notes digitally the technology requires a micro-pattern to be included on the paper.


Can I transcribe my handwriting into text?
Yes, over 50 languages are supported including English, French, German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew.
Will more features be added to the application?
Other features will made available through subsequent application updates available to all users.
Can I use the app with any smartphone?
The application will initially be available for iOS and Android users only. Longer term, we are considering OS X and Windows versions to use the Stylograph directly with laptops and desktop computers.


How much do refills cost?
Paper refills (190 pages) are €30, and ink refills (5 x Zebra 4C-0.7 cartridges) are €5.
Shipping is free on all refills. 

What is stone mineral paper? What are the benefits?
The paper is made from a combination of largely mineral powder with a small amount of a non-toxic resin. This creates an extremely durable paper that withstands everyday use.
How many pages are included in the refills? Where can I buy them?
Our paper set includes 190 pages in A5 format, with odd pages plain (blank) and even pages ruled. You can buy refills directly in the mobile app. If you would like to purchase an extra set when purchasing your Stylograph, just send us an email (hello@oreeartisans.com) once you've placed your order and we'll handle the rest.