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Orée Pebble


Wireless charging pad for your Qi compatible smartphone or tablet  (list in FAQs). Also works with iPhone 5 or 5s in conjunction with Orée Wireless Power sleeve (sold separately).  

Pebble 1 includes wireless charging functionality only. Pebble 2 also includes a high quality Bluetooth 360° speaker and microphone system for rich and pristine sound on your hands-free calls and music.

Available in wood (tilia or walnut) and in marble (red or white).

Tailor yours

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    Recharges wirelessly your Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 equipped with our Orée Wireless Power Sleeve (sold separately) or any existing or upcoming Qi compatible device (see details in FAQs below)


    The simplified design and the quality of the wood & marble materials used make it the ideal small piece of furniture to place on any desk or working station.


    Diameter: 9.8cms
    Height: 3.6cms
    Weight: 300g (wood), 600g (marble)
    Finish: sycamore maple, French walnut, Carrare white marble, Caunes red marble


Can I use the Pebble with my iPhone without the Orée sleeve?
No. iPhones don't embed the wireless charging technology so you will need our Wireless Power Sleeve (sold separately) to make your iPhone 5 or 5S compatible with our Pebble.
Does wireless charging affect battery performance?
Performance tests conducted on phones equipped with wireless induction charging technology have shown no negative impact on battery performance and lifecycle.
What is the typical full battery charging time using the Pebble?
Time for a full charge via the pebble is typically 15 to 25% longer than for standard plug charging.
Which smartphones and tablets can be recharged with the Pebble?

In addition to the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 equipped with our Wireless Power Sleeve, Orée Pebbles 1 & 2 can be used with all devices that embed Qi technology natively ( including Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, LG Revolution) or through add-on covers (Nokia Lumia 820, 920 and 1020, Motorola Droid 3, the HTC Thunderbolt).

How does the wireless charging feature work?
Wireless charging is based on a technology called induction which transfers energy through a very short electro magnetic field. The technology is proven and based on the most advanced and widely deployed standard called Qi.
Do you ship worldwide? How much does it cost? Why are shipping costs not showing up in cart?

We now offer standard shipping to any country worldwide. Allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery from the moment you receive your shipment notification by email. Handling & shipping costs are €20 for European Union countries, €25 for EEC countries and €30 for North America and rest of the world. When you add an object  to your cart, your cart page will show price excluding shipping cost. Only after submitting your billing and shipping address information will the total amount be updated including shipping costs.