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Board 2


Portable wireless keyboard made from single piece of premium maple or walnut wood. Connects simultaneously with up to 5 devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs equipped with Bluetooth).


Please allow 1 week for preparation


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Crafted to last

Built on low power Bluetooth to enable up to 5 months of continuous operations when used daily 8 hours per day. An invisible food-safe varnish protects wood against finger oil, casual stains & water spills. Easy care and cleaning.

From our hands to yours

Each Board is different like the piece of wood it comes from. Each piece is unique and made to order with multiple personnalisation options. It is crafted, polished, vernished and assembled by hand in our workshop.

Rationally elegant

Crafted from a single piece of wood to preserve the wood grand across shell and keys and to minimize waste. The modern & timeless minimalist design ensures ergonomic functionality and adorns the magnificence of the materials used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Board get dirty over time? How do I clean it?
Our Board 2 has an invisible (matte) food-safe varnish that protects against casual stains like finger oil or water spills. To clean it, use a clean cloth slightly humidified with clear water. Do not use any detergent, polishing or wax.

Do the letters fade over time? Does the wood color change?

Unlike standard keyboards, the letters are engraved into the wood so they don't peel off. The wood color will evolve slightly over time as it takes its natural patina.

Does the Orée Board work with any computer? With any tablet?

No. The Orée Board will only work with Bluetooth-enabled Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices. If your Windows computer does not embed Bluetooth, you may purchase our elegant wooden Bluetooth dongle available here.


How is the Board 2 powered? How do you change batteries? How often?

The Board 2 is powered by 2 AA batteries that run for 4 to 5 months if you use it every day, 8 to 10 hour per day. When the batteries have run out, unscrew the battery compartment door under the Board to replace.

重要:Japanレイアウトをご希望のお客様へ (Specific instruction to Japan country layout)

Orée Boardの日本語レイアウト(=かな付き)をお選び頂いた場合、刻印フォントはFedra, Mrs Eaves, Didotではなく、それに準ずる日本語フォントを刻印致します。

  • Fedra → Axis
  • Mrs. Eaves → カリグラゴシック
  • Didot → ファイン



↑Japan  Mac/iOS - Fedra/Axisフォント↑

↑Japan Mac/iOS - Mrs Eaves/カリグラゴシックフォント↑

↑Japan Mac/iOS - Didot/ファインフォント↑

↑Japan  Windows - Fedra/Axisフォント↑

↑Japan Windows - Mrs Eaves/カリグラゴシックフォント↑

↑Japan Windows - Didot/ファインフォント↑

  • Mac/iOS: ⌘キーとスペースキーの同時押し
  • Windows: 全角/半角キー




Mrs Eaves


How do I connect the Orée Board to my device?

The Orée Board connects to your PC, tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth pairing. The following video shows how for multiple devices.


What's the difference between the Mac/iPad and Windows layouts?

All Orée Boards work with Mac/iPad and Windows devices. However, access to some special characters (like @, $....) is done through different keys if you use your Board with a Mac/ Ipad or with a Windows device. This is why we created two different layouts and recommend you select the one for the device you will most often use with your Orée Board.

Do you ship worldwide? How much does it cost? Why are shipping costs not showing up in cart?

We now offer standard shipping to any country worldwide. Allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery from the moment you receive your shipment notification by email. Handling & shipping costs are €20 for European Union countries, €25 for EEC countries and €30 for North America and rest of the world. When you add an object  to your cart, your cart page will show price excluding shipping cost. Only after submitting your billing and shipping address information will the total amount be updated including shipping costs.

Where does the wood come from? Is it sustainably managed? Certified?

We source our woods from family-owned forests located in the Eastern part of France (maple from Doubs, walnut from Isère). They are not used for intensive production purposes so sustainability labels are not applicable but the families growing them carefully manage their natural ressources for future generations

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 13.7 x 2 cms
  • Weight: 400g
  • Finish: Sycamore maple or French walnut