Orée was born from our observation that modern technology products look very much alike, are highly impersonal, made from cheap eco-unfriendly materials and are designed for rapid obsolescence.

We set out to do something different: create elegant, durable & personal high performance technology objects primarily crafted from the finest natural materials.

Orée is about reconciling tradition & novelty to create exceptional products through an exclusive combination of timeless craftmanship techniques and cutting-edge technologies. All our objects are eco-designed, crafted and hand-finished in France. They are made to order.

Orée stands for: Original, Rational, Elegant, Engaged.

    We pursue distinctiveness in our design & product decisions and in our selection of materials to offer truly unique personal objects.
    We design, engineer and craft our objects so as to maximize their reliability and durability while minimizing material waste and facilitating recycling.
    We apply a French touch of elegance not only to our objects but also to our ways of engaging with our customers, employees, partners and society at large.
    We are committed to support programs around the world that enhance sustainability and recycling of the materials we use.

Who we are

Orée was founded by creative technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Franck Fontana. They assembled a team of mastercraftsmen in each of the finest natural materials (wood, leather, marble...) to help them transform their product ideas into reality and push the boundaries of what was held possible.

Each Orée objects is crafted with care and pride by our talented team of artisans in our own workshop in Castelnaudary in southern France.

Serving the finest natural materials

We only use the finest natural materials to give our objects their distinctive soul. We carefully select them to provide a strong lasting built and create a warm tactile experience. We source these from long-established and sustainability-minded partners.

Our design philosophy is to serve these materials: we magnify their timeless elegance, place them at the very center of our products and work hard to minimize their waste.

Blending craftmanship & technology

Our objects are made possible by a unique combination of timeless craftmanship techniques and cutting edge technologies.

The techniques secrets & skills passed down generations of talented craftsmen allow us to preserve and enhance the very best properties and esthetics of the materials we use.

The cutting edge technologies we invent and optimize in our workshop focus on maximising the durability and usability of our objects.