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New Line of Macbook Accessories

We are about to launch an exclusive line of MacBook accessories. Here’s why.

Orée is on a mission to re-inspire people by injecting touches of elegance and authenticity to their connected life.

After listening to you, our encouraging community of customers and friends, we felt it was time to give you what you ask for.

Today, we are bringing the Orée touch to the mobile workspace.


Through the raw beauty and tactile sensation of natural materials, our aim is to reignite the imagination of Macbook users.

We want to decorate your everyday and bring a new sense of wonder to your connected life.

Now, when you open your laptop you’ll be struck by nature’s artwork in the raw veins of wood and leather.

Your fingertips will be satisfied by the tactile emotion of premium French wood and soft genuine leather.

Over time, this will only improve as the patina of use brings out its own distinct pattern that matches your touch.


Uplift your workspace with the help of our Tribase stand, a solid wood laptop stand that lifts your Macbook for viewing comfort. Designed as an elegant scalene triangle bar, the Tribase elevates up to three different heights providing ventilation and improved ergonomics.

Using the same premium natural materials and high quality artisan craftsmanship, we have created timeless accessories that add authenticity and elegance to your connected life.

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