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Design Guidelines for an Inspiring Workspace

Every morning we wake up, we pick up our weapon of choice and fight for our dreams. Whether you choose the keyboard or the paintbrush, we all have a common thread; ambition.

Our ambition is to create. To push the boundaries of what is possible. To make the unexpected happen. To bring beauty into this world.

But sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated. When faced with challenge after challenge, you need to remember why you started. What is it that you are fighting for? What are you trying to change? What are you trying to improve?

Stay motivated by creating a workspace that inspires you. One that reminds you of your mission and reflects your personality. We’ve teamed up with interior stylist Astrid Mostert to bring you '5 Design Guidelines for an Inspiring Workspace.' Use this guide to turn your office into an invigorating place to be.

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