Black Friday at the workshop


Black Friday at the workshop

We all love great deals. Or we like to think we do. Remember that last super bargain you got? Was it a considerate purchase, a sudden impulse or just fear of missing out? 

Now think about brands that you buy from over and over: do you buy from them because of a bargain? Most likely not. You're loyal to them because you love their products and care about what they stand for. You don't expect any deal from them but you appreciate the occasional reward for your loyalty.

Prices of these brands are straightforward. No shenanigans, no dynamic pricing, no year round discounts on artificially inflated "regular" prices. Because they understand that loyalty is earned, not bought. 

So like these brands, our prices won't be any different on Black Friday than the rest of the year. We'll continue to value the hard labor of our artisans. We'll be using the same premium materials as usual . And we'll still be trying to make ends meet to spread the word and bring new ideas to life.

On that day of deal frenzy, we'll just get on with our daily craft, trying to inspire you and earn your trust.

And we will commemorate the victims of the real Black Friday in Paris two weeks ago.

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