La Vie a l'Atelier


Welcome to La Vie à l’Atelier. This is a place for us to share our workshop stories, and introduce you to the faces behind our delicate craftsmanship… Our world is slow paced, contemplation about the little things, reflections in a dreamer’s imagination.

Nearly everything that leaves the workshop passes through Sarah’s enchanted hands. Mastering the art of sanding is a very personal and patient craft. It is also one of the most important processes that we spend more than half of our time obsessing over. The sanding creates a well-crafted softness, a softness that cannot be mimicked in any other way.

Not surprisingly Sarah, in Hebrew, means ‘lady, princess, noble woman.’ She is our very own princess of the atelier; everything she touches becomes beautiful after being in her hands. But unlike the icon of the princess, Sarah is extremely skilful and is not afraid to get involved in all of the complicated aspects of atelier life.

artisan workshop

Having studied landscape, Sarah is very much in touch with the environment, outdoor plants and nature. Before working with Orée, she also spent some time working in agriculture, picking the fruits of the forest. Due to these experiences, Sarah finds being an artisan and working with wood remarkably rewarding. So much so, she just bought a house made completely out of wood.

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