La Vie a l'Atelier


Welcome to La Vie à l’Atelier. This is a place for us to share our workshop stories, and introduce you to the faces behind our delicate craftsmanship… Our world is slow paced, contemplation about the little things, reflections in a dreamer’s imagination.

It seems fitting to begin with our very first and indispensable artisan, Elena. Having seen Orée grow up in front of her Elena recalls her early responsibilities, like choosing the first tools for the workshop, with a nostalgic tone that a proud godparent would use.

With an MA in Visual Arts, Elena entertains an acute eye for aesthetics. She finds satisfaction in creating everyday beauty from natural materials, seeing the magnificent object evolve out of raw planks and slabs. Born and raised in Romania, Elena grew up listening to enchanted stories about the densely forested regions of Transylvania. As such, nature has shaped the person she is today and remains a primary source of inspiration in all aspects of her life.

laser engraving

Elena is one of those rare people who live in the moment, dedicating their full attention to the task at hand. When she decides to do something, she is wholeheartedly committed to it. This philosophy is valuable to us at Orée, where we strive to achieve the psychological state of flow and achieve total involvement with life.

A great believer in the power of authenticity, Elena’s advice to other artisans is to be true to yourself. In today’s world people are constantly searching for a way to be different but originality is not something you search for. It’s something you have in your soul; it’s who you really are. And, as every human is different, it is there where you will find your originality.

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