Escape the “information bubble” aka the internet's filter bubble


Feeling like the world is in a loop?

Do you ever feel like you live the same day over and over again? You wake up to the same messages from the same people, then you scroll and scroll until something catches your eye - oh was that a cat video? Then cat video turns into cat video compilation and next thing you know, you’re late for work.

Eat, sleep, repeat.

What if it's not a loop, but a bubble...

You are trapped in a bubble. The Michigan’s School of Information refers to this as the “information bubble”, more commonly known to be the internet's filter bubble. This is a problem that occurs when our reality is overly filtered by algorithms trying to predict our interests, to such an extent that it becomes something else entirely.

Our online experiences are becoming more personalised thanks to the powerful algorithms that decide what content we should be shown, based on a history of our past behaviour.

You might start out with a well balanced spread of content, some broccoli and then some chocolate. As time passes, you tend to eat the chocolate first. So the algorithm slowly filters out the broccoli - even if it’s good for you.

Ultimately, the balance gets tipped and you end up eating too much chocolate. 

The essential problem with this is that our past is deciding our future; we’re glued to one track and the chance of a random encounter is eroded.

It’s easy to see how this could get repetitive or boring.

A sense of deja vu.

More importantly, it is slowly strangling of our curiosity. Information bubbles don’t just affirm our existing assumptions and biases, they can also gnaw at our desire to challenge ourselves or be challenged.

The internet has gatekeepers who control the flow of information, for the sake of providing you with a personalised experience. Facebook and Google are the primary offenders. If you and your friend both searched “sweet potato” at the same time but from your own laptops, both results would be starkly different.

But it’s not only about filtering of information.

Pair that with all the ways that technology makes us more efficient, like using a GPS to find out how to get somewhere - and you’ve completely ruled out your chances of spontaneously finding something that surprises and delights!

Embrace random or live a life devoid of surprise

Why can’t we make mistakes?

We are killing creativity and curiosity with desire for efficiency and conformity - even though it’s estimated that 30-50% of most scientific breakthroughs are to some degree accidental.

So, unplug from the internet and think for yourself.

Prioritise learning over performance.

Focus on what naturally peaks your interest and excitement.

Here are 3 quirky ways to embrace the beauty of random

Close your eyes and point to a metro map. Head on over to the closest station to where your finger landed and discover the area. 


Looking for some visual inspiration? Find a word using a random word generator and explore the hashtag in Instagram. Here's what we found:



You might have to go from home to work everyday, but that doesn't mean you have to make the same trip every time. 


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