Third Wave Coffee in Europe


THIRD WAVE COFFEE: The Slow Coffee movement around Europe & where to get your fix.

Good coffee is defined by the ritual of its preparation. The journey begins at the coffee bean; carefully grown, harvested and selected, these beans are the cornerstone of culinary appreciation. An artform in its own right, the ceremonious act of brewing coffee has transformed baristas into artisans. They roast and brew by hand, driven by passion for the community and quality of taste. This movement has been dubbed ‘third wave coffee’ and here we highlight the quirky collectives who approach this craft with a slower outlook on life. 

Telescope in Paris

Starting in France, where craftsmanship has always been valued, discover a revival of the art of coffee. Telescope’s no frills approach ensures that you focus on what matters. A short menu, no wifi and some simple baked goods strips down the experience, allowing you to enjoy the impeccably crafted coffees.

Artisan in London

A movement doesn’t become a movement on it’s own. Championing for better quality coffee, Artisan not only serves V60 coffee, which takes a little longer, but they also want you to discover the beauty of great coffee for yourself. Learn the science behind a good brew or even how to start your own successful coffee shop with their range of courses.

SlowMov in Barcelona

With a motto of “Haste makes waste,” SlowMov in Barcelona has mastered the slow approach to life. Rebelling against the excessive speed of our daily lives, SlowMov uses their space to promote a network of slow professions, 'movers,' who bet on quality and responsible consumption. Visit this space for a dose of creative inspiration, handmade goods and some speciality coffee.

ZAMM Coffee Collective in Vienna

ZÅMM believes that happiness can be found with coffee, books, flowers and the moon. This multipurpose environment invites you to sit back and enjoy a top-notch cup of coffee whilst daydreaming through their beautiful stock of magazines. You won’t find many laptops here. 

Chapter One in Berlin

Elusive but recognisable, this coffee shop’s trademark lies in it’s tiled interiors. Seating may be sparse, but that doesn’t limit the conversation. Get mesmerised by their selection of coffee making tools. 

A sense of craftsmanship has returned. Disillusioned with mass production, we are looking for something handmade. Celebrate this cultural shift and find an independent coffee shop next time you want a good old cup a joe.

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