Eternalise your love in wood


A couple carved a heart with their initials into a tree 4ft above ground level; the tree was 25ft tall at the time. Twenty years later the tree was 50 ft tall. How far above the ground were the initials?

Tree carving; the eternal lovers’ pastime and a beautiful source of inspiration for us. Practiced by civilisations throughout the world, the gesture of commemorating love in wood is universal.

Wood carving was one of the first and foremost art forms, as our ancestors decorated the wood of their pipes, paddles and spoons. Few of those ancient carvings remain today, as wood is notoriously difficult to work with.

Lonely shepherds used to spend their days carving shapes and symbols into the trees on their journey, leaving behind clues about their desolate way of life and their longing for romance. Little did they know that this practice could actually prove lethal to some trees. Deep gouges into a tree’s trunk, which is just like it’s skin, makes it susceptible to disease and pests.

This Valentine's, make your mark on their heart for years to come with this precious gift crafted by hand. The pleasure of touch, the beauty of the object and a wonderful love poem engraved on the back.



Answer: 4ft above ground level. Trees grow from the top.

Images courtesy of Roxane Pom @roxanepom 

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